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Based in the UK


Mobile: 07745970888

29 Thorny Rd

Isle of Man


A ceramicist with a flair for clean cut functional design. 

I am currently working on a project which places an emphasis on subtle detail and a perceptual contrast between form and function. Using a slip casting technique in ceramics I have created a collection of cook and serve ware from bowls to tagine and casserole dishes, which endorse an element of satisfaction inherent in each individual piece. 

Using an earthenware body with basic glazes ( earthenware and stoneware), strong forms and mixed media. I introduced copper and oak within the range to compliment the colours and materials used. My inspiration for the subtle colour palette is from the complimentary colours towards vibrant coloured foods and trend palettes

I design and create objects for the table that introduce and allow a more relaxed and exciting way of dining. By using my skills and techniques of model making, slip casting and woodwork, my products aim to hold elements of comfort within their function.